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How Do You Choose the Right Sunroom?

Patios and sunrooms built by Leisure Living add affordable new space to your home with an endless variety of uses. The team at Leisure Living specialize in designing, installing, and upkeeping sunrooms. Our roof panels have been used on sunrooms throughout North America since 1962 and have withstood the test of time. We launched our Leisure Living line of sunrooms in 1989. With a full offering of three season patio rooms, four season sunrooms, Leisure Living sunrooms are custom designed to meet your needs and your budget.

three-season sunroom

Professionalism at Every Step

Fabulous sunrooms don’t just build themselves. They start with a professional sunrooms design consultant who understands that a sunroom is not something you can order from a kit. They realize every home and lifestyle is as individual as you are, that the need for additional space, your existing home, expectations, and budget all contribute to the choices you make when you add a sunroom. With that in mind, Leisure Living works with you to choose the design, size, color, style, and cost that fit your needs. We guide you through the process, offer advice, and finally develop a detailed proposal for your approval.

Three-Season Sunrooms

Our most popular sunrooms, three-season aluminum and glass sunrooms, allow you to entertain all season without worrying about bugs, rain, or wind spoiling your party! Choose from single or double pane sliding glass windows and doors, which are specifically designed for sunroom applications.

Extended-Season Sunrooms

Sturdy four-season sunrooms are constructed with aluminum reinforced vinyl and argon-filled, Low E double pane glass. The smooth, sleek design of vinyl Leisure Living sunrooms speaks luxury and beauty. It truly is the sunroom of your dreams.

Endless Possibilities for Your Home Renovation

Whether you choose three season or year-round sunrooms, you have plenty of style options. Enclose under an existing roof, replace a screen porch, design a lofty A-Frame, or a single slope studio style. When you choose one of our sunrooms for your home, your investment will stand the test of time. Our parent company Craftbilt Mfg. has earned a reputation for integrity, quality, and reliability by upholding standards set by the company founder in 1946. Today, skilled employees make the components for your Leisure Living Sunroom in our 214,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Our products are fully engineered to meet local and national building code requirements. Call us today to get started on your new dream sunroom!

Special Offer

For a limited time save up to $3,000 on Sunrooms, Retractable Awnings, and Decks.